Week in Pop: Ghost Soda, Joey Nebulous,

Josey Blue, Sabri, Secret Attraction, guest selections by Statik Selektah.

Reks Writes “Kites” For Mumia and Dylann Roof

A letter to the “lost souls” behind bars.

Week in Pop: Cities Aviv, Fuzz: Ty Segall & Charlie Moonheart, Super Helpful, Walking Shapes

All the collectives, buzz and Fuzz for the new year's commencement.

Making Fun of Daddy Yankee Is Not Enough

This week's top bars go all out on the allusions.

Week in Pop: The Black Opera, Lightning Love, Picture

Like the summer bonfire smoke rising from the embers; you just can't stop the pop.

Blu's alter-ego “B” and Jesus

No York is nowhere in sight, but hey, why not drop more lo-fi rap.

Smoke sumfin' to Curren$y's Covert Coup

Jet Life meets Alchemist production as a gift for the stoner holiday.

Curren$y & The Alchemist

The sounds you want to hear while stepping out of a coupe you just hot boxed.

Oh No and Alchemist are Gangrene

Much like the physical deformities of the disease, the first leak from Gangrene is nasty.

Freddie Gibbs

On weed strains, industry pains, his upcoming mixtape, and that smell that never leaves Gary, Indiana.

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