Best Coast

Best Coast + Rivers Cuomo = Mountain Dew

This'll go perfect with your Fourth Meal n' bucket of Pepsi

Las Robertas streams Cry Out Loud

Can't this just be rock & roll?

John Dwyer v. The State of Best Coast

West coast old guard sneers as mainstream votes Best Coast. It didn't have to be this way!

The best releases of July 2010

Nathan and Bethany are not sitting in the same tree. Who cares, this month's for hip hop.

Dunes are better than Bethany & Nathan

As the summer beach buzz pissing contest continues, let's not forget these dudes.

Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino (again)

On being the most boring band in America, weed, the Vivian Girls, weed.

KiD CuDi, Vampire Weekend, Best Coast track

Commissioned c-rap, by that we mean "coastal-rap."

Atelier Ciseaux

François Virot, Lucky Dragons, Best Coast, Jeans Wilder, U.S. Girls, Terror Bird.

Who do we have to blow to get Best Coast on MTV?

Imagine the 14-year old girls whose heads will explode (for her music).

Mexican Summer releasing Best Coast's debut full-length

12 new songs on Crazy For You available July 27.

No Joy, hot shit

And now for some passably blustery hype-mongering.

Best Coast, Babies, Bitters at Knitting Factory

Noise Pop day 2: Free Energy, Fresh & Onlys, Foreign Born, Harlem, awkward Best Coast

Market Street field trip

Best Coast/Jeans Wilder split 7″

Who wants to win 75 new releases at once?

This retardedly huge hand out amounts to something in the ballpark of 75 pieces of vinyl, cassette, and CD, from the 75 artists represented in our Best of 2009 and Best of 2010 lists.

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