black hippy

Downtown Festival 2013: Black Hippy at Capitale


Ab-Soul, “Black Lip Bastard”

All black everything.

Schoolboy Q, Habits & Contradictions

One way to take us by surprise is to select a Lex Luger beat devoid of rage and thump.

Schoolboy Q apologizes with a song

This goes out to the guy who's upset the apple of his eye was taken by a worm.


The Living Legend weighs in on transformation and having Damon Dash as a running coach.

Schoolboy Q lays out his “Options”

Q still has the baddest hoes and the finest weed, in case you were wondering.

Kendrick Lamar gets higher over a J. Cole beat

Kendrick proves he thinks very deeply about black power and Kanye West's influence.

Black Hippy give out new joint

It's called "Constipation," but it's a hip hop laxative.

Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar trade Patron for Moscato

Nothing like a bottle of Sutter Homes and a lady friend to help with the unwind process.

Schoolboy Q's bare essentials: bad hoes, good weed

Man has got it all figured out.

Schoolboy Q, “Bet I Got Sum Weed”

The Black Hippy carves his solo identity.

Schoolboy Q, “Figg Get Da Money”

Can we get a Black Hippy album, for crying out loud?!

Jay Rock and Ab-Soul of Black Hippy

Two more reasons to check out the Black Hippy crew

Kendrick Lamar

A monster of a spitter posing as an average joe.

Black Hippy, “Zip That, Chop That”

Black hippies that cook crack? Not sure these guys know the definition of "hippie."

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