bufu records

Week in Pop: Fat Tony, Generifus, Tape Deck Mountain

Gray Bouchard, Lauren O’Connell, Orson Hentschel, guest selections by Prezi.

Tall Juan, “Not Enough”

Week in Pop: Inspired & the Sleep, WEEED, Work Drugs

D.A. Stern, Lulu Lewis, Sheer, Young Clancy, guest selections by HEALTH.

Free Pizza, “Slipping”

A relaxing outdoor journey.

Free Pizza, “Sighing”

Holding back tears in the tour van.

Year in Pop: 2015

Select interviews & insights from 2015’s Week in Pop editions at a glance.

Week in Pop: Barleaux, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Shade

Ars Phoenix, Bluelily, Jimmy Turturici, Major Murphy, Social Studies, The Wyrms, ft. Childbirth.

BUFU Records

Together we can chill mad hard.

Frankie Teardrop, “Get It (Kelly)”

New-wave punk from the sunburnt ghost of Joey Ramone.

Stream Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Rock N Roll Community College

Do you like Grease? Do you like Van Halen?

BUFU Fest Miami

2gether we can chill mad hard.

Stream Howardian’s Land of the Low Tides

Japanather’s Ian Vanek goes solo, and the results are just as you’d expect.

Introducing Boston’s Craziest Supergroup: The Channels

Starring members of Guerilla Toss, Designer and Aykroyd.

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