digital leather

Week in Pop: Boyfriends, Dirty Ghosts, Foreign Resort, Pangs

Dylan Williams, Risley, Sharks in the Deep End, Throws, guest selections by Kristin Kontrol.

Digital Leather at Good Room

They opened with “Styrofoam” and closed with “Studs in Love,” so we were happy.

Week in Pop: DTCV, Iris Lune, The Naturalists

Brooks Brown, Cusses, Such Hounds, Superheaven, TheUse, guest selections by Sadie Dupuis.

The Best Splits, Compilations & Collaborations of 2014

In 2014, we saw unprecedented levels of interaction and team work.

Digital Leather and The Hussy form TIT

A toxic cocktail of synth punk and post punk from Wisconsin and Nebraska respectively.

The Hussy, “Round & Down”

Parking lot tokers, salvation is nigh.

Digital Leather, “Lately”

Capturing a feeling musically and lyrically.

Premiere: Diode, “Peck On The Lips”

Shawn Foree of Digital Leather has an industrial shit-noise band.

Filmed: TreeFort Music Festival & why 2013 is Boise's year

Video evidence of why playing Idaho's new musical experiment is a spring break destination.

Mere Mortals, Purple Fire

Digital Leather's front man has a new project, and a new LP.

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