jay reatard

Wampire explore cosmic American music

Breadcrumbs into a bat country first discovered by Gram Parsons.

Jes Aurelius of Destruction Unit

Asking the tough questions like why does the desert make shit more rocking?

Jay Reatard's buried treasure

Debuting a lost Lost Sounds track.

Long live King Louie

The Kevin Bacon of the American garage scene.

The best music of May 2011

Thank May for not sucking in the least.

Jay Reatard's first album Teenage Hate gets a reissue

Posthumous double release celebrates his legacy.

Goner to release Jay Reatard's early works

Fuck Elvis and Teenage Hate, together forever.

Jay Reatard, 1980-2010

Let it be known, that those of you who longed for a return to the way rock n' roll "used to be," Jay Reatard was more than a beacon of light, he was a comet in the dark sky.

R.I.P. Jay Reatard

I feel like it's safe to say the passing of Jay Reatard will have one of the most profoundly personal effects on the music industry in recent memory. Jimmy Lee Lindsey, Jr.–a.k.a. Jay Reatard–was 29.

Charles Manson, Racist Pandas, Real Estate

Montreal Pop Fest

Pains of Being Boring at Heart still make really pretty songs

I think Jay Reatard is trying to say something about his mom

New Jay Reatard song sort of blows my mind

Goodbye Boozy, Useless Eaters, Okie Dokie, Ty Segall + Mikal Cronin

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