ll cool j

Week in Pop: Boulevards, Purmamarca, Ruby My Dear, Seamajesty, Valise

Ballroom Cancer, Logan Hyde, Memoryy, Munroe, Nite Fields, White Prism, co-curated by Juan Wauters.

Heavy Hearted in Doldrums – Antwon

This is what it sounds like when thugs cry, a lot.

Action Bronson, “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

This one has us fondly reminiscing of EPMD, jeep music, and Reggie Noble videos.

Week in Pop: Electric Eye, Gene the Southern Child x Parallel Thought, The Mantles, Princess Century

Putting the red-and-blue-lens glasses on to analyze the indie pop world in all 3 dimensions.

No Accidents in Dopeness Edition

Surprisingly the Groaner of the Week was not a lyric from LL Cool J's "Accidental Racist".

Impose to host five parties at Coachella better than the Guantanamo-themed one

Less prison violence, more illicit drug use.

Bryant Dope, “Champion Sound”

This some shit Mike Tyson would have walked out to the ring to in the 90s.

Soul Train and the '80s babies

What the late, great Don Cornelius did for the world of hip hop, and what he didn't do.

Stalley smartens up your whip's thump

Even though he spelled "slap" with two Ps. Hmm.

Eminem, White America 2

The Republican Rapper (no, not LL Cool J)

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