mitt romney

So you wanna be an NFL Commissioner?

13 options for the NFL to consider should the “Commish” position free up.

The Conservative meltdown will not be televised

Are these tweets funny or scary? You decide.

The Chain Letter Interviews Pt.III

Breaking it off with Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Heliotropes, and Calvin Love.

Tune-yards’ #TYChicksVote Twitter forum round-up

This forum will offer no conclusive voting sway, but it happened nonetheless.

The Chain Letter Interviews Pt.II

Mokaad, Jack Ladder and Psychic Twin never break the chain.

Obama Says The “G-Word” On The Daily Show

Remember Guantanamo Bay? The place where American legal traditions and actual people go to die?

Who won the VP debate?

Body language expert Dwayne Fingerston breaks down Biden & Ryan's mannerisms.

What's a Romney?

Thanks to Dan Savage, we know what a Santorum is. But what about Mitt?

Reviews: The Inner Banks, Marriages, Redgrave

But first, our man in Wisconsin airs out his grievances with VP candidate Paul Ryan.

The most average releases of February 2012

Even the media frenzies were sub-par.

Vermin Love Supreme Could Win the 2012 Presidency

Or, at least, he's just as legitimate as everyone else.

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