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Franco Falsini

The Sensations' Fix founder talks freedom and invention; then and now.

Sensations' Fix, “Dark Side of Religion”

A new collection of unheard works from an obscure Italian musician promises beauty and sunlight.

Blues Control

Pennsylvania's pride and joy on being a classic rock band and mic'ing a mechanical dog.

Interview Week: An Evening with Sun Araw

Cameron Stallones on the spirit of Jamaica, collaborating, and the first pedal he ever had.

Julia Holter, “In the Same Room”

Layered images echoing the layers of presence.

Julia Holter, “In the Same Room”

Building a new obsession, brick-by-brick, stone-by-stone.

Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras collaborate with the Congos for FRKWYS #9

Accompanying DVD promises many tropical joint-smoking scenes.

Best labels of 2011

Lots of tapes and no apes.

Blondes, “Wine”

Jason meets festive holiday lighting.

FRKWYS Volume 8 is a cosmic collaboration

Blues Control meet Laraaji and make a record in one day.

Pink Skull announce Psychic Welfare, release “Bee Nose”

The aural equivalent of a "disco bouncy castle".

RVNG Intl land Blondes 12″ series

Download the duo's new mixtape.

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