wing dam

Taking it fast with The Snails

Hanging with the all-star band before, during, and after their Brooklyn show.

Year in Pop: 2015

Select interviews & insights from 2015’s Week in Pop editions at a glance.

Week in Pop: Br’er, Kinski, Qual, Swiftumz, Wing Dam

Chomp, Dream Cult, Estates, Karen Meat, Mune, Nerve Leak, guest selections by Ava Luna.

Wing Dam, “Software”

Wing Dam hacked your favorite Headbanger's Ball video.

Underground America 2013

We give props to the photographers and musicians that play shows you probably missed.

Vayda, Wing Dam, Laser Background, and Goblin Mold at The Crown

Check out Wing Dam's effects pedals.

Scapescape 2013: Saturday Report

A baker's dozen acts at four venues in one day. This is Saturday at Scapescape 2013.

Black Pus at Metro Gallery

Black Pus and friends (?) in Baltimore!

Rapdragons and 83 Cutlass at Public Assembly

RAP RAP RAP POP. *Runs in a Circle*

Weekends, Woodsman, Wing Dam and Mr. Moccasin at Current Gallery

An outdoor show in Baltimore with Weekends, Woodsman, Wing Dam & Mr. Moccasin

Mixtape: Baltimore: Summer 2012

A collection of new songs from Baltimore tailor-made for sweating.

Baltimore video roundup

Three new musical shorts from Bethany Dinsick, Bamboo, and Wing Dam.

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