wise blood

Week in Pop: Bret Koontz, Rock Abruham, Shmu, Sour Notes

Elbows, Flying Hair, Moon Baby, guest selections by The Soft Moon.

Week in Pop: Francie Moon, Noumenal Loom, Shelf Life

Amber Arcades, Bam Spacey, Iconique, Yacht Punk, guest selections by Dinowalrus.

Madam West, “Wise Blood”

Release party tonight.

Wise Blood, “Alarm”

A mysterious heist gets a twist ending.

Wise Blood, “Alarm”

A full woodwind section does worlds for this fuzzy, thumpy track.

Week in Pop: Black City Lights, Coloured Clocks, Ferns, Friend Roulette, The Post Nobles, Whirr

Gemini jams, happy summer songs, artists on lovesick debauchery + more exclusive thoughts.

Week in Pop: Airbird & Napolian, pacificUV, Rainbow Chan

Your weekly compendium of insights, responses, and words on the newest media.

Week in Pop: Nissim, Pressed And, Solar Year, Turnip King

Bringing the brightening, beatification of beats, bliss, & endless arrays of encouragement.

Wise Blood, “Rat”

We are not sure what sub-genre to place this in, but Wise Blood is doing it right.

Wise Blood, “Loud Mouths”

Holy shit! They wrecked a Beamer.

Year in Pop 2011

The Year in Pop annual review.

Week in Pop: Chairs Missing, Coasting, Diarrhea Planet

Occupying CMJ and Your Weekly Pop Culture Almanac

Wise Blood, “Nosferatu”

The Pittsburgh pop act channels some Count Orlok.

Week in Pop: HTRK, Knxwledge, Wise Blood

Festival catastrophes, albums, singles, loosies and much more…

Wise Blood finds his narrative

Shooting for the moon from the roof of a high rise hotel.

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