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Week in Pop: ◊ EMERALD-LANE, lojii, Olivia II, Pardoner

Dark Colour, Emily Afton, EMYLE, Fielded, Of Clocks & Clouds, guest selections by Wymond Miles.

Dirty Beaches, “Time Washes Everything Away”

One last achingly lonesome hurrah.

The end of Dirty Beaches as we know it

All endings bring about new beginnings.

Dirty Beaches sheds light on new instrumental album

Alex Zhang Hungtai offers album details and shares a philosophical statement.

Gäy, “Blue Blue Heart”

The umlaut makes a difference.

The Best Albums of 2013

Don't look anywhere else—these are your best albums of the year.

Impose, Art Fag and Zoo Music at CMJ

With Crocodiles, Dream Boys, Bleeding Rainbow, Punks on Mars + special guests.

The Best Music of May 2013

Escaping pretensions in time for the summer.

Alex Zhang Hungtai, pka Dirty Beaches

Our pen pal from Dijon, France lends insight into his double LP as a return to form.

Dirty Beaches, “Casino Lisboa”

A gritty look at the underbelly of an unnamed city.

Stream “Casino Lisboa” from Dirty Beaches' upcoming double LP

It's a spooky whirlwind dripping with deep purple ooze.

Dirty Beaches, “Danseur De Ballet”

A patient showing of reverbed loneliness.

Dirty Beaches, “Love is the Devil”

Alex Zhang Hungtai quotes Bukowski on the Youtube leak of his follow-up to Badlands.

Dirty Beaches announces North American tour

Daddy-o got me cranked up with the new jive.

Dirty Beaches covers “No Fun”

The melding of protopunks.

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