14 trapdoors, "Holy Water"

Post Author: Andre G

The upstate New York rap scene feels due for its national moment. While so many people focus on the happenings in New York City, cities like Buffalo have been doing work – without any ego or entitlement. Take Buffalo rap group 14 trapdoors, for instance. The three-man trio of rappers Short Moscato, Bendyface and Wza are currently prepping their debut album, which will debut their brand of so-called New Trap Boom Bap. In the midst of their work, they’re feeding their growing fanbase a taste of what to expect with “Holy Water,” their latest offering.
The self-produced track showcases the group vying their best to out rhyme each other over a minimalist, entrancing soundscape. The song was treated to an equally beguiling psychedelic video, which shows the group in their element skateboarding and lighting fireworks.
“We wanted to show the world how we get down here in Buffalo. The video is a tripped-out glimpse into how we’re living,” WZA says. Short Moscato says the track is “a collage of our lives” while Bendyface adds, “this is either the cure or cause of epilepsy.”
Hopefully, no one tests that hypothesis while checking out the video for “Holy Water.”