A Day Without Love, "Too Fast"

Post Author: Michael Brummett


A Day Without Love is the work of Brian Walker, and a project about human struggle from his own perspective, with the belief that in the end, people can get better. “Too Fast” is drawn out of Solace, which was released in later 2016.
As Brian himself puts it:

“I wrote Solace about finding comfort in my own suffering by singing about topics such as alcoholism, racism, conflicts in the DIY scene and others. “Too Fast” is about making the transition of a self destructive life to a self reflective and productive life.  I used to drink a lot of alcohol for 10 years and over the past two years I have been clean and in addition to giving up alcohol, I have learned to find healthier ways to cope with my struggles.”

Walker keeps an active US touring schedule, most recently touring in the northeast, midwest, and south.


“Too Fast” and its sub-2-minute runtime is symbolic of the life changing, split-second decision making behind the scenes in Brian Walker’s first entirely sober album, Solace. The beauty in its creation is undoubtedly the self-awareness and openness vividly represented in his newest work.
Beyond carrying an immensely personal value to Walker, the universality of his sentiments are at the very worst — to the most disconnected listener and reader — an encouragement.
Perhaps lost in all the very real, deeper meanings of Walker’s work is his musical brilliance. Especially when both Solace and its representative here, “Too Fast”, weigh in as a 4/5.


If you get the chance, seeing A Day Without Love on the road may be an eye-opening opportunity — you can check in on his touring schedule here. If not, Brian can always be supported through Bandcamp and found on Facebook.