Akinyemi, "highway"

Post Author: Andre G

We all get stuck in ruts while gliding — or plodding — through life. Queens rapper Akinyemi is no different, and he recently decided to chronicle his metaphorical journey on “highway,” an entrancing single from his summers EP. Akinyemi rhymes about being on the highway “searching for a muse,” looking for any kind of assistance he can as a full-time college student and full-time MC.

If his performance on “highway” is any indication, he’ll find his way just fine. He leads the listeners in — first with a gentle, melodic flow that wraps around the smooth DuqueNuquem beat before immersing them in a waterfall of lyricism, unleashing his qualms and exploring their meaning in double-time. He then scales back into melody before he loses the listener. It’s that kind of control of the craft that helps set Akinyemi apart from most lyricists.

His always creative videos also help. He got with Director Oliver Eld for a dope video that showcases the camera spinning throughout, capturing Akinyemi at different stages of his roadside state. By the end of the video though, you wonder why he doesn’t just make a “will rap for a ride” sign. He’ll get exactly where he wants with his skills.

You can stream summers below.