Alabama Deathwalk, "Friends"

New Braunfels, TX based emo act Alabama Deathwalk’s new video for the song “Friends” hits hard. The video is all in black and white and takes place in an empty, slightly haunted looking desert town. Front and center, we watch our protagonist battle out inner turmoil, shaking his body, scratching his head and looking full of distress. The video is at times almost hard to watch: there’s a scene where we see a free hanging noose and immediately after a crucifix hanging against a blank wall. From start to finish, the mood is bleak and heavy. What can’t be denied is how this very goth video works perfectly with the band’s sound.
“Friends” is, after all, an emo track. You can hear Sunny Day Real Estate in the screeching and bright guitars and fast drumming. Lyrically it’s just as dark: the song chronicles losing friends and all of the self-doubt that follows. “Friends” leaves a lasting impact. It’s dark tones and challenging themes are met with focused and skilled musicianship. It’s the kind of song that makes you really think about all of the friendships you have—and what you can do to prevent them from falling apart.
Steep Hills is available for preorder now. Keep up with Alabama Deathwalk here.