Alex G, “Bug”

Post Author: Raz Robinson
Alex G Bug

Alex G’s  music has a reflective quality. His songs seem to put you in this space where suddenly evaluating your life doubles as not just quiet inclination reserved for time alone with self, but a necessity constantly permeating various spheres of your existence. Which can feel complex cause once you think about it that way, the next second, you’re asking yourself, “What’s necessary anyway and If I knew what I was supposed to do would I even care to do it?” Conflicted is once Giannascoli’s calling cards. His thoughtful and wildly narrative lyricism combined with emotive song writing open up the door for you to really see yourself in the music. So, it comes as no surprise that the video for his newest single “Bug” manages to understatedly highlight the ups and downs of romantic commitment within a narrative arc spanning only 24 hours.

“The Idea here was to explore the cyclical nature of a relationship, the addictive quality of love and the joy and confusion it brings,” said director Micah Van Hove. “To experience one full turn of the clock, toying with commitment and the flighty nature of the self.”

As Giannascoli sings, “And when you go there, you stay there/ Bug in the crosshairs, you stay there” you’re privy to an inescapable locking of eyes, one that’s super convincing for a music video. The video spends a lot of time harping on serious intimacy as tangible thing, that’s only tangible as it’s happening. By the end you see video of fireworks exploding in reverse, kind of characterizing the undoing of something as powerful; like the start. Removing the grey area entirely, it’s almost as if the video shows outside of these small happy moments we’re cast into a void from which intimacy is only marked by impermanence.

“Bug” will appear on Giannascoli’s newest record Beach Music, out October 9 on Domino Record Co.