Animal Flag, “Jealous Lover”

Post Author: Katey Stoetzel

Boston rock band Animal Flag have two new releases this month — an album titled LP that’s a compilation of tracks from their 2014 and 2015 albums, fully remastered and resequenced, and a music video for “Jealous Lover,” one of the singles on the album.  

Frontman Matt Politoski wrote “Jealous Lover” and directed the music video. It’s a neat 2 and a half minutes, most of it left to interpretation. It’s haunting, edgy, and oh so good. I’ll let Matt explain the rest:  

“To me that song has a lot of layers and tackles a bunch of shit. It touches on family dynamics, jealousy as an instinct, feminization of God against the normally “he-centric” interpretation of Christian scripture. In my opinion it’s kind of a blur of all of that. So I wanted the video to be just as vague but still express some sort of tragedy. The relationship between the two characters is vague (parent/child, lovers, siblings?), the tragedy itself is vague (accidental death?), but the one thing that is clear is grief. I don’t wanna sway anyone into interpreting the song or video as ONE thing so I like to leave it open.”

LP was released October 7th via Broken World Media. It is available here. Keep up with Animal Flag here