Band Practice, “Band Practice Theme Song”

Post Author: Niccolo Porcello

The opening track of Band Practice’s debut tape Make Nice is the aptly titled “Band Practice Theme Song”, three minutes of infectious pop layered with Jeanette Wall and Ben Bondy’s discourse on origin and band-hood. Hooky guitars and pleasantly steady drumming make for an excellent delivery vehicle of Wall’s matter-of-fact lyrics: “This is the song, and these are the words, it’s why we are friends, or that’s what I heard.” The video itself depicts a trip through some obvious suburban comforts: plenty of couch space, Law & Order permanently playing in the background, quick drives to get coffee. Certain details are impossible to miss if you too were a child of the suburbs, not limited to that one Tom Brokaw book that every house seems to have for no clear reason. The video is a sweet compliment to the sentiment of the song, and when Wall and Bondy harmonize on lines like “this is the hole in my heart, this is the old shopping mart”, the intimate footage is a reminder of the impacts home has on even our later endeavors. And there are dogs, so many nice dogs. The LP is out now via Chill Mega Chill Records.