Batwings Catwings, “Breathless”

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

We tend not to give Southern California much credit, even when it’s due, but one thing they do get right is their alt-rock music. Listening to Batwings Catwings — or better yet, seeing them live — will without a doubt be the most fun you’ve had since The Offspring’s “Americana” or the days of Blink 182. Remember the music of the late ‘90s? It was a great time for Alt-Rock, full of punk-y vibes and upbeat, fast-paced music that just made you want to move around at shows.

Maybe it was partly the fact that we weren’t yet adult-ing, but shows were also a lot of fun then… We didn’t even think about de-stressing or unwinding. We ran around, kept ourselves busy, and sought out stimulation… and that exact thrill and excitement is exactly what Batwings Catwings have captured. Except better — because they have the talent of lead-vocalist Dana Poblete to set them apart.

There’s a lot that we love about their new single, “Breathless.” Their musical style takes us back to the days when, even if we didn’t partake, a mosh pit was a guarantee. Sitting wasn’t an option because the music is too enlivening, exhilarating, and will totally pump you up. But Dana’s vocals add in an element of refinement and appeal. It’s pretty in a badass way and we love it.

Listen, watch, and check out if they’ll be performing live near you (unless you’re in Japan, no such luck yet)— we’ll totally be at Long Beach.

10/22 Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s w/ Fart Barf
11/3 Tokyo @ TBA
11/4 Osaka @ Namba Bears
11/5 Osaks @ Hard Rain
11/6 Tokyo, Koenji @ DOM
11/7 Tokyo, Shioktazawa @ THREE