Bootblacks, "Pastlives"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

In a new live video for their song “Pastlives,” we see New York’s Bootblacks in all of their fine post punk glow. The video showcases the band’s ability to perform live while also injecting cool, artistic shots of the desert, scenes of the band loading up their van and at the beach. It’s a video that does a great job capturing the band’s aesthetics: something vaguely goth and moody. With a sound that seems to takes inspiration from the synth rock greats of the ’80s, “Pastlives” as a video and song is dynamic.

10/28 Montreal – Casa del Popolo
10/29 Brooklyn – The Gateway (Halloween Show)
11/02 NYC – Nothing Changes
11/04 Portland – The High Water Mark
11/05 San Francisco – The Hemlock Tavern
11/06 Los Angeles – Complex
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