Brother O’ Brother, “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing”

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Brother O’ Brother have released their video for “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing” and Impose has your first look. Hailing from Indianapolis, Chris Banta and Warner Swopes of Brother O’ Brother deal in raw, rootsy blues rock that has an almost religious fervor. The video for “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing” captures the duo’s rough and tumble energy in the context of a fitting horror narrative that embraces and heightens the tune’s themes.

Opening with a “meet cute” between a man and woman at a gas station, “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing” establishes its setting as an unassuming small town somewhere in middle America. As the two characters’ brief flirtation unfolds, a slow burn of horror and tension begins as the video smash cuts to haunting images. When the events shift to a secluded trailer deep in the woods, Brother O’ Brother tear into the song’s monstrous riff as the woman from the video’s opening is revealed to be a terrible, supernatural threat.

As the song powers along, hellfire and brimstone fills the screen as Chris Banta shouts lyrics like a revival preacher and Warner Swopes pummels the drums. A rock and roll ritual unfolds on screen, all flop sweat and fury as the viewer is drawn deeper and deeper into the darkness of the woods, flames and thunderous riffs and percussion surrounding them until the video draws to a close.

“Wolf in Sheeps Clothing” is the second video off of Brother O’ Brother’s album Show Pony out now on Fonoflo Records. It is available here. You can follow Brother O’ Brother on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, and on their website at