Busman’s Holiday, “Evening Flows”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Bloomington, Indiana’s pop duo Busman’s Holiday – comprised of brothers Lewis Rogers (guitar, vocals) and Addison Rogers (drums, vocals) – just released their third full-length album, a ten-track work titled Popular Cycles, earlier this month. We have the exclusive premiere of the music video for their interestingly layered track “Evening Flows” right here.

The video stars the brothers and follows a television character on a show called “Midnight Junction” as the song plays in the background. He is seen acting in front of the camera, and then drinking from a flask while a studio executive looks on. Lyrics like “sirens slowly stopped, miles of damaged crops / nature’s toothless grin gets its way again / to never understand how it effects a man / the glory of a fight” don’t necessarily seem to match to the mood of the video, until it is obvious that the protagonist has been fired from his job. His replacement does not seem to be making a good impression, but the protagonist does not see that and instead we watch him continue to go on with his life outside of the show. He seems to go mad, wearing his stage makeup running errands, watching tv, and at the bar.

When the song changes tempo, he approaches the station during filming and beats up his replacement on camera. “Please come back to me” is the lyric that plays in the background of the seemingly happy ending.

Popular Cycles is available now.