C Plus, “Deep”

Sacramento's C Plus recently dropped L.O.C.A.L. (Loyalty Over Cash & Luxury) with production from Ski-Beatz, REL, Chase Moore, and Hippy Sabotage. Keeping things on the home court, C Plus' video for "Deep" features the rapper, decked out in local apparel Official brand, stomping around Sactown, from his front porch to the downtown studio he recorded his record at.

Produced by REL, "Deep" liberally borrows from Blackstar's "Respiration" on the chorus, but in a manner not instantly recognizable. Despite the cues from Mos and Talib, C Plus is the focal point on "Deep" as he twists words like pretzel dough with "I'm still getting bread / like I'm kneading a knot".

Stream and purchase C Plus' L.O.C.A.L. at his Bandcamp.