Calez, “#BSOAT”

Calez and his 2008ighties crew struck it big as BRKFST Club with "The Fellowship", which featured the crew chilling among a hoarder's treasure chest of a garage. It was a low budget success most likely shot in a parent's garage. It was the BRKFST Club's candor and undeniable skill that pushed the music beyond the usual round of blog coverage.

On "#BSOAT", Calez is back on his solo steez, letting us know that all that BRKFST Club attention hasn't changed shit for the 2008ighties crew. They are still hanging out in garages, broke as fuck, playing archaic SEGA games on box TVs, and eating a cheap gyros shops in their local stomping grounds. The Lex Lugeresque production is not indicative of Calez, but he brings his own flavor to the Halloween soundtrack production. He proudly states he's a lyricist and proves it by not slipping into Chicago murder rate glorification or fronting on a lavish lifestyle he's yet to achieve.