Champyons, "Dusty"

Post Author: Andre G

Already, 3-piece electronic act Champyons is stirring a web of intrigue in the run up to their 2018 CHA CHA CHA project. For starters, the trio of producers is anonymous, which is impressive considering their accomplishments (including a feature on Skrillex’s Free Treats EP).
They’ve signed to Berlin-based Embassy of Music and aim to “incorporate RnB, rock and electronic elements” into a sound that blends traditional song structure and “sample-driven beatmaking” to create a sonically transcendent sound.
Their sound is typified by “Dusty,” the new single from their debut project. Laying gorgeous synths and guitar play over thumping drums, the track is a high-level exhibit of their musical versatility and range of influences. The video is paired with a confounding Obi Wolf-directed video that depicts a woman alone on her phone for the duration of the video. Perhaps it’s a commentary on how much life experience we for the soft glow of our phone screen. Maybe it’s a visual metaphor of how gripping they want CHA CHA CHA to be for listeners.
Regardless of the intent, the minimalist video fits the mysterious aura of the group, and keeps us wondering what’s coming next.