Conquista Ft. Tattoo Money and PRKR, "Quica"

Post Author: Andre G

Conquista is a collaboration of producer Wamoo and talented vocalist A. Sarr. The two New Yorkers have come together to fuse their already versatile sonic palettes into an even more intriguing result, which will be displayed on their eponymous upcoming album. They mesh hip-hop and electronic music — along with disparate musical influences from their Latino heritage – into a vibrant package brimming with relevant social commentary, jocular introspection, and affirming mantras.
They see their upcoming project as “an album for weird brown kids” everywhere, and have offered a wacky of what’s to come in their “Quica” track, which features Tattoo Money and PRKR. The music video features the four artists partaking in an impromptu kickback amidst the rare patch of New York City nature, while a headrush of rapid percussion and dystopian synths veer through the track. The experimental song is matched with an ambitious video which shows their good times mashed up against scenes Wamoo found of a person driving through Nicaragua. The resourceful videographer is no stranger to compelling music videos, and “Quica” is another one in the sturdy portfolio.