DaVinci, “Nothin Finna Stop Me”

Heed the words straight from DaVinci's mouth, if he had a bag of fucks he couldn't give you one. That's the ultimate message to the haters from this Bay Area rapper.

Down with the Sweetbreads crew, DaVinci's got the smooth sting of an ice luge in his voice and the demeanor of a man that's not taking the world's shit for one minute on this double dose of "Fuck Everybody But Me" w/ "Nothin Finna Stop Me". He's a Bay Area thoroughbred with the "me against the world" mentality of Tupac mixed with the pimp game of Two Short that can be heard in lines like, "niggas snitched on me / bottom bitch dipped on me / still bounced back with an even bigger flip, homie".

DaVinci's The MOEna Lisa is available for free download at SWTBRDS.