De La Soul, "Royalty Capes"

Post Author: Andre G

We so often explore the concept of mortality in hip-hop through the lens of young, nihilist artists toying with the specter of premature death. But more than ever as our hip-hop heroes age, we’re seeing their aura of invisibility chip away with the aches, pains, and illnesses of middle age. Enter De La Soul’s Dave aka Trugoy The Dove, who opens up the group’s video for their “Royalty Capes” track by frankly discussing his battle with congestive heart failure, and his ultimate desire to “get back to the stage.”
He does exactly that – in grand fashion. “Royalty Capes” shows De La Soul performing all over the world, rocking stages and cruising seaside as the track’s galloping drums and royal procession – channeling horns serve as the perfect soundscape for their triumphant march. “Salute life and dawn breaks,” Dave says to close off his assonant, gem-ridden verse. It’s a safe bet that he and his swathe of fans are grateful for every dawn break from here on out.
“Royalty Capes” is the latest single from And The Anonymous Nobody… their first album in over 11 years.