Debut: Apache Dropout, “Candy Bar”

Apache Dropout is showing signs of a sweettooth syndrome on its sophmore record with songs that express addiction to candy bars, which might lead to the Bubblegum Graveyard (or at least diabetes) of the album's namesake. "Candy Bar" goes out to all those choco-holics, who think they can give it up whenever they see fit. The ones who think they are free and not the face being pressed to the ground by a boot with Hershey's written across the sole.

If we learn anything from this video, it should be that as fun as these kids seem to be having, gobbling up gummy worms, over-sized lolis, licking balls until their tongues turn blue, and smearing chocolate across their chins… in the end, they are hanging out with a transient. Something has gone awry in your life when the guy who carries his belongings in a wrapped up bandana on the end of a stick is your best friend. Your parents taught you better.

Apache Dropout's Bubblegum Graveyard is out now on Trouble In Mind.