Deca, "Skyward"

Post Author: Andre G

New York-based MC Deca prides himself on his lyricism. With his latest single, “Skyward,” the talented rapper ascends out of hip-hop’s low-frequency muck with a precision-crafted narrative about traversing a fantastic universe that sounds too much like ours, with “birds in the cage” and “snakes in the grass.” The minimalist beat offered the perfect canvas for Deca’s rhymes to take center stage, and he delivers with assonant expertise.

Aside from being lyrically impressive, “Skyward” is cleverly laced with social commentary via the lens of Deca’s circumstance, falling to earth with “insects nesting in his mobile phone.” The Steven Mertens-directed stop-motion video that Deca co-ideated reinforces the narrative, perfectly following Deca’s steady flow with creative visuals. The video was expertly put together for those finding it difficult to peel back the layers of Deca’s labyrinthic diction.

The track is a single from Deca’s upcoming album, due later this month. In the meantime, follow him “Skyward.”