Dr. Conspiracy, “I Dominate Break Loops”

Dr. Conspiracy

It’s no accident that San Francisco’s Al Lover and Atlanta’s The Difference Machine became labelmates on Psych Army Intergalactic. The kinship is strong in listening to Dr. Conspiracy’s solo venture Nuclear Mysticism. Al Lover has broken through to explore rabbit holes of motorik and krautrock electronica but here, on Dr. Conspiracy’s “I Dominate Break Loops”, his drone-work on past albums like Sacred Drugs is homaged by a contemporary.

Which is not to suggest biting. Dr. Conspiracy’s “I Dominate Break Loops” and the entirety of Nuclear Mysticism operates in a realm manifested through intoxicating breaks and paranoia ticks that simulate the tingly fear of a bad trip. All is not well in the universe of Dr. Conspiracy. The sinister beat work soothes merely in its head-nod factor. Otherwise, Dr. Conspiracy is a rap occultist who’s only interested in the pulverizing percussion and the menacing vocal samples that define his version of beast mode.

Dr. Conspiracy’s Nuclear Mysticism is out now on Psych Army Intergalactic.