Dream Boys, “Positive Arguments”

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

LA’s Dream Boys had us hooked with their single “Born Yesterday“, where Los Angeles skies were re-imagined as a canopy of floral daisy-chains, spinning sunflowers, and sun-beamed guitars. Following their self-titled LP release through Art Fag, Dream Boys’ Wayne, Wallace, Will, and Mike return to premiere the visual dissertation on argumentation, with the Jihae Simmons video for their White Iris Records / Ring the Alarm single; “Positive Arguments”.

Taking off from psyched-out ’60s sonic airport that Dream Boys have developed their sound from, “Positive Arguments” turns the games of tangled corded telephone to a beneficial banquet for all to enjoy. All four band members (plus one pleasantly plump cat) take to the table and take phone calls, projection picture shows, literary conversations, while controlling the lighting with red, green, and blue gels. Once the lighting is set, the conversation remains lively, as the band wines and dines on fancy red vino, cake, carrots, greens, all through a glossy, vintage Hollywood glamor lens. Those aforementioned guitars break the mold of staying strictly within their jingle-jangle morning designation, as Dream Boys send you on electric stringed melodies, far away harmonies, and a cornucopia of food for all senses. Director Jihae Simmons explained further how “Positive Arguments” got taken to the visual suburbs of surrealism:

Home movies from the suburbs of surrealism. Like that episode of “The Dream Boys” where they go to Eastern Europe and drink Frodis tea with their technicolor cakes and radishes while talking to deceased animals on the phone.

Influenced by the likes of Czech and Polish New Wave cinema, Agnes Varda, 1960’s promo band videos, Betty Crocker, and streams of consciousness.

Dream Boys’ Positive Arguments 7″ is available from White Iris Records / Ring the Alarm.