Post Author: Andre G

Versatile music artist DUCKWRTH has released the video for “WELL SPOKEN”, the first single off his upcoming I’M UUGLY project. Over Ru AREYOU’s thumping, minimalist production, DUCKWRTH uses a swift flow to pontificate on the state of modern Blackness in America, stating, “If I play this nigga type, I get a million dollars that I can splurge.”

Over e-mail, DUCKWRTH said the overall message of the song is to, “Rid me of stereotypes and standards.” DUCKWRTH notes that “sometimes people of ‘higher status’ box people of color into this slick talking, illiterate character.”

DUCKWRTH speaks on this marginalization with a snide resilience, sarcastically acknowledging the tired tropes that the entertainment industry perpetuates about people of color. While he speaks on what’s expected of him, he makes it clear he won’t conform, saying “next time you see me and you call me a dog turn that bitch around and you can call me a god.”

DUCKWRTH uses the Estevan Padilla-directed video to visually express his disenchantment with the system, calmly closing the door on a giant eye that he says “represents the pressures of America to fit into their pre-made categories.”

DUCKWRTH characterizes his forthcoming I’M UUGLY album as a “very revealing album… gift wrapped in the funkiest bass rhythms, keyboard progressions, and smoothest vocal harmonies. DUCKWRTH anticipates that, “to everyone, [I’M UUGLY] will seem like a very sunny day, backyard barbecue, getting ice cream with a honey dip vibe, but when one takes a couple of listens, they will stumble into the deeper messages.”