Dylan Dunlap, "Uncharted Land"

Post Author: Emily Chu

LA based Dylan Dunlap is a singer songwriter who’s just recently released some new music. What’s awesome about this is that Dunlap is donating 100% of the proceedings from his newly released EP to PSA Behavioral Health Agency, to raise awareness for mental health. On top of all this, he’s dropped a lyric video for his track “Uncharted Land,” and we have the premiere for you to check out.
Regarding the video, Dylan says:

I wanted to write a love song, but I didn’t want to make it just a love song. Obviously, I can’t wait to hear what this song means to other people, but for me, it’s as honest as a man should be in 2017. Confessing your overflowing love for somebody, but also not being afraid to call out your own imperfections and how many mistakes you’ve made, and will most definitely continue to make. Truly finding someone to love doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your own issues will go away. It means that you’ve found a person that is willing to sit through the darkest times with you and just hold your hand. Also, keep your ears peeled because I literally call out my own name.

We definitely need more men like Dylan. Be sure to watch it and check out his EP. Keep up with him here.