Egadz, “Bad Keys Drip Part I”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

San Diego native-turned Los Angeles talent Erik Nava – or Egadz, as he is known in the music world – has always been attracted to the beats and compositions that make up the music he grew up with. Although he’s had a torrid affair in music throughout the years, he has decided more recently to incorporate his drum skills into his compositions, creating a very real and interesting musical experience. Egadz’s new album, Bad Keys Drip, will be released on August 19th and we’ve got the video for “Part 1” ready for your viewing pleasure.

The video begins black, and then psychedelic visuals with an almost comic book feel layer in with an early drum solo. As the drums fizzle out, it fades to what looks like a sunset and then its geometric integrity is compromised as it turns into something that almost looks like stadium lights and sets. For a moment, there is almost complete silence as a body of water produces waves reflected under colors that change from blue to blood red, and then more psychedelic visuals are brought in as synth layers over the drums. Cut to no music, and there are shots of a gorgeous sky, manipulated to look ever more eery and blood red. The video continues in this vein, shifting from a digital approach with the music to analogue compositions.

“Part 1” is an experimental journey into the mind of a genius, and its lack of vocals almost makes it less complicated and morphs the song into a much needed breath of fresh air.

8/12 – Salt Lake City @ Diabolical Records
8/13 – Denver @ Deerpile
8/14 – Colorado Springs @ Flux Capacitor
8/16 – Spokane @ The Red Room Lounge
8/18 – Portland @ The Know
8/19 – Reno @ Monolith
8/20 – San Diego @ Kava Lounge

Bad Keys Drip is out August 19th via Black Box Tapes. It is available for preorder now.