Erase Errata, “History of Handclaps”

Post Author: Lexy Cullinan
Erase Errata History of Handclaps

San Francisco-based trio Erase Errata perform quasi-scientific experiments in their new video for “History of Handclaps”. Directed by Lauryn Siegel, the “History of Handclaps” visual creates a collage of texture and color that ultimately blurs the line between subtlety and outright mayhem. The band uses common household items in unusual and colorful ways, giving the impression that they are performing an elaborate yet inexplicable chemistry experiment. Like the video, the song is amorphous in its strangely pleasing combination of the familiar and unfamiliar. From Lost Weekend, Erase Errata’s first full-length album in nine years (released on their own Under the Sun label), “History of Handclaps” is an interesting composite of post-punk guitars and a boldly repetitive trumpet. Watch the creative masterminds celebrate the inherent silliness and defiant independence of rock and roll in an engaging pursuit of creativity across all media.