EULA, “Noose”

Post Author: JP Basileo

March is certainly turning out to be a doozy for new music. Brooklyn-based dark-art punks, EULA are set to release their second full length album, titled Wool Sucking, on frontlady Alyse Lamb’s collective, Famous Swords. It’s a ten-song thrill-ride invective of a record, jumping erratically from the shrill and dissonant to the eerily quiet and tense, incorporating the occasional uneasy reverb and delay, and recklessly hauling into the throngs of disgusting distortion. All underlined by Lamb’s spookily infectious vocals, varying from unsettled croons to agitated howls.

The first single, “Noose,” is a haunting deadpan diatribe of bass and kickdrum, the guitar attempting to mimic and accentuate the ever-present wail of vocals, almost mystical in nature, and bone-chilling in melodic structure. The video is similarly unsettling – prismatic refractions, witchy textures, the tension between forest and city. Under the production guidance of Martin Bisi, Wool Sucking showcases the tenacity and growth of Lamb’s musical career, following a move from Connecticut to New York City, and honing a sound all the more able to convey her confoundedness of modern convention.

Wool Sucking is out March 3.