FOVEA, “Puppy”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

New York’s indie rock/pop collective FOVEA – comprised of Steve Shaw (bass, guitar, vocals), Max Weigel (guitar, vocals, keys, electronics), Jake DeNicola (drums, videos, foley), and Halley Furlong-Mitchell (vocals, keys, violin) – has produced a stunningly witty and fun music video for their single “Puppy”. We’ve got the exclusive premiere right here for your viewing pleasure.

“Musically the song ‘Puppy’ is light and poppy but the lyrics actually stem from a darker and more cynical  place based on the underbelly of the Internet,” elaborates director/drummer DeNicola. “We wanted to keep it interpretive and light on the surface with darker undertones, which the video aims to capture.”

The entire band stars in this quirky – but dark – music video. “Puppy” starts out with a forlorn man and woman posting a “Missing Dogs” poster. (We’ll ignore the fact that the two dogs are also people dressed as dogs because, well, it’s got a Wilfred aspect to it that we kind of dig.) They spend the entire video trying to get ahold of their dogs again, while shots of all four characters playing their respective instruments and singing play as well.

Will they get their lost puppies? Only time will tell!