Frankie and the Witch Fingers – “I Am Underneath You” video

Los Angeles psych-rock wizards Frankie and the Witch Fingers just wrapped up a co-headlining tour with Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, and are set to head back out on the road again in support of their fantastic new album ZAM. In the meantime, the wily rising band has released a head-trip of a music video for their epic, 12-minute single “I Am Underneath You.”

It’s a mind-meltingly freaky collage of claymation – with ghouls, goblins, dragons, snakes, aliens, and other shape-shifting creatures flashing across the screen in frenetic, kaleidoscopic ways. Like their mind-bending claymation video for last year’s single “Drip,” this one perfectly illustrates Frankie’s thrashy soundscapes; as the clip unfolds, the song pummels, pulsates, and gyrates in intoxicating ways. It’s a hypnotic and overwhelmingly colorful video, and a perfect encapsulation of Frankie’s mystical impulses. Again, it is 12 minutes long, but watching it in one sitting is an endlessly rewarding experience. Check it out.