Freak Dream, "Let Me Out"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Freak Dream is the solo recording project of Elliot Langford. Based out of Vancouver, he has a performing background in punk, math-rock, and psychedelic.


Elliot finds the inspiration for Freak Dream from a variety of past influence — Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Converge, Blood Brothers, and HEALTH. It was back in the Fall of 2015 that Langford began piecing together the sound and common thread that would eventually evolve into his solo project.
Following a few months of “reclusive tinkering,” a handful of rough mixes and experiments were shown off as an opening act for a small house show. It was after the show that Elliot was approached by Popgang Records’ Jordan, who had an interest in setting up and EP for Freak Dream. With a little more fine-tuning, the EP found its way out in November of 2016.
Unpredictability is the hallmark of Freak Dream’s live performances, sometimes in outings as a solo electronic and vocal performance; other times as a full rock band or a two piece hybrid with live drums. 2017 holds an opportunity for Langford to perform across Canada, outside of Vancouver (where they currently perform most shows) and in the US.
Outside of Freak Dream, you may find Elliot playing for Big EviL. He was also a former member of SSRIs, The Rebel Spell and Sprïng.


If it happens to be your first listen to Freak Dream, you will quickly encounter his manic unpredictability. “Let Me Out” begins as a percussively busy, but soft and smooth introduction. Grittier elements finally culminate in an explosive burst of emotion and sound that you would have never predicted just a moment before.
In the closing minute, you get treated to second lethal dose of Langford’s punk-influenced call-to-action, ultimately leaving nothing on the table. The vision and execution of “Let Me Out” as a solo artist’s creation is impressive to a very large degree. You’ll find the same grit in the rest of his EP, Freak Dream, too. 5/5.


Elliot’s latest EP is on his Bandcamp, iTunes, and on Spotify as well. To reach him on social media, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.