Free Pizza, “Sighing”

Post Author: Amelia Pitcherella
Free Pizza, "Sighing"

BUFU Records rockers Free Pizza keep it light most of the time. Living in Boston a couple years ago the band honed a bright, sometimes country-tinged punk sound that combined jokey spontaneity with delicate lyricism, and it resonated, culminating in tours in the U.S. and Europe with the likes of Colleen Green and Guerilla Toss. Now based out of Nashville, the trio are set to release a second album following their ode to Boston, MA, this one called Berlin, DE.

It’s a weighty emotional comedown from the trio’s rousing last single “Dancing” to “Sighing”. The party’s wound down and the narrative shifts to dead bugs on the windshield, the minor-key guitar line driving but relatively quiet. When vocalist Jesus Vio admits, “I feel like crying / but I never do / I’m just sighing,” the simple lines feel deeply familiar and all the more affecting for it. The video retains that moving simplicity—it sees drummer Rory MacMurdo and guitarist Santiago Cárdenas being handed some fast food for the road and just eating and riding in concentrated silence as Vio furrows his brow and looks out the window. Still, there’s some satisfaction to be gained in commiserating—leave it to Free Pizza to make a somber two-minute car ride look like something we’d want to get in on.

Berlin, DE will be out June 15 on BUFU.