Furnsss, “Mouth Breathing”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Connecticut-based Furnsss is the ever-changing fuzz pop project of Brendan Dyer, with a pretty stellar lineup of friends for live shows. They’re getting ready to kick off a 45 date tour with Bread Pilot so, obviously, we’ve got their new music video for “Mouth Breathing” for you to enjoy.

Remember those old homemade videos you used to make on a giant tape with your video camera? Well, that’s what this sucker looks like. Brendan Dyer is seen leaning on a wall, playing drums in front of some shelves, playing guitar against a wall, and with lights flashing on and off behind him, almost strobe-like. It’s a bit trippy, with color block overlay every once in a while. Plus they took a lot of time to move stuff around to make the video have a very rough stop motion element to it. It seems like it took a lot of work, and that’s kind of a fun aspect to it. We’re actually very proud of Brendan and his cohort, director/producer Sam Cahill.