GamerGad, “Burning”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Indie Rap/Hip-Hop/Nerdcore artist GamerGad officially announces his upcoming New Game++ EP, delivering strong visuals for one of the standout songs to be featured on it. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of “Burning” right here.

Produced by Monk, the song features a smooth bass line with a chant-like melodic chorus that the villain is known for. He begins by talking about the kind of girl he would ideally like to have by his side, then talks about how he’d ideally like to get away with her. “Burning” refers to burning gas, and he admits all of the struggles in his life make him want to escape for a while. The song is catchy as hell, and the vocals weave between the bass for a polished – almost flawless – track.

The video was shot – exquisitely, might I add – by LGi Dope Films, which just so happens to be this gamer’s own film company. (This guy shoots his own videos as well!) Largely a montage of GamerGad in different areas of the Chicago, rapping along to the song, it also features some CGI of an astronaut and outer space, GamerGad ghost riding, and a nifty Jurassic Park shirt. 

Tour Dates
Sep 9 – Greensboro, NC
Sep 15 – Oklahoma City
Sep 16 – Liberty, MO
Sep 17 – St. Louis, MO
Sep 18 – Cincinnati, OH
Sep 22 – Queens, NY
Sep 23 – Philadelphia, PA

#NG++ coming soon!