Generifus, “Extra Bad”

Post Author: Spencer Davis
generifus, extra bad

Spencer Sult’s Generifus project was born from hard living. Its members includes his friends from Guest House, an Olympia, WA house venue, and Sult owes his twangy, chord-heavy guitar playing to a hand injury from skateboarding that sidelined his fingerpicking.

Sult thinks through his backstory in the video for “Extra Bad”, the title track from his upcoming album of the same name. Dressed as an urban cowboy, Sult smokes (coughing heavily after), drinks (Mike’s Hard), plays with his pets, and swaggers around. In his on-screen arrogance, he arrives at a carnival, where his prodigious strength fails to move the strength tester. He’s going through the extra bad motions, but always seems to miss the mark.

Like the rest of the album, “Extra Bad” is a generous, intimate portrait of its author. Sult, dressed in the confident regalia of the country-rock stars whom he cites as his influences, nevertheless manages to differentiate his practice from theirs. Against those who would wrest his narrative from him, Sult sings: “Call me extra bad? Well I don’t care, just doin’ me.”

Extra Bad is due on September 1 from Sultan Serves Records.

Generifus tour dates:

04 Olympia at Obsidian
10 Nampa, ID at Flying M
11 SLC at Diabolical Records
12 Flagstaff at Flag Brew
13 Phoenix at Trunk Space
15 Los Angeles at The Smell
17 Oakland at House Show w/Shaggy Sample
18 Davis at Third Space
19 Arcata/Nor Cal