Girlpool, “Magnifying Glass”

Post Author: Abbie Hornburg
Girlpool magnifying glass

Girlpool’s beautiful harmonies in “Magnifying Glass” are as rich and bittersweet as the flowers that grow in a garden. The band has spent the last year recording, touring, and moving from their hometown L.A. to join the ever-growing Philadelphia DIY scene. In a constant state of movement, it is easy to feel at times like an ant under microscope. The debut video for the track “Magnifying Glass” captures this feeling in a colorful and vibrant stop-motion that blossoms friendship. In just under forty seconds, Girlpool wears vulnerability with pride and magnifies upon the shaky walkway from childhood and into the adult world. An emotionally charged combo, Tividad and Tucker’s raw voices express honesty and authenticity: “You are a magnifying glass against my head / And when you’re talking at me I’m there instead / You love me ’till I’m frightened / Wanna hold the world inside my head.” Director Craig Scheihing captures quick paced shots of the duo playing in the dirt and picking flowers with their friends, including members of Free Cake for Every Creature and Hello Shark. “Magnifying Glass” creates a dream-like surreal metaphor as Girlpool blossoms their infinite universe of friendship in the garden.

Girlpool capture emotional honesty and personal reflection in their full length debut Before the World Was Big which is out now on Wichita Records. Read our interview with the band here.