Good Kid, "Witches"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Canadian indie rock band Good Kid has a unique take on what lyrical videos should be for their single “Witches”.  Nicholas Frosst (Vocals), Jacob Tsafatinos (Guitar), David Wood (Guitar, Vocals), Michael Kozakov (Bass) and Jonathon Kereliuk (Drums) all met in German class at the University of Toronto, and their love for video games was the inspiration for the “Witches” video.

This visual is a refreshing take on lyrical videos.  Most lyric music videos just consist of the words scrolling across a bland background as the song plays.  Good Kid, however, took it a step further and created a fun 8-bit inspired video that includes the lyrics to follow along.  In the style of many old video games, the entire band is put into 8-bit form, performing the song and pretty much making more than just a “lyrical video”.
Here is a quote from the band about how the song came together:
This one time, the five of us participated in a programming competition and we won first place. The prize was a free trip to Asia. It just so happens that our guitarist David grew up in Shanghai, so while we were there he took us around town and brought us to all the cool places. However, this one night he decided to take us to a shady part of town to see a fortune teller psychic lady who told us we were all going to die really, really soon. This really freaked us out so we wrote a song about wanting to make it out of Shanghai alive.
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