Grieves, "Gutz"

Post Author: Andre G

Seattle rapper/producer Grieves released a new video for his “Gutz” single, the latest track from his upcoming Running Wild album and an incisive expression of a love gone wrong. Directed by Maria Juranic, the video centers Grieves as the main character in a fractured post-breakup, pre-detachment phase.
“You said you’d never call again,” Grieves rhymes over the svelte accordion and 808 soundscape, before lamenting that he’s looking up at her from the floor, ruing yet another drift into temptation. Grieves likens his fixation with the woman to a drug, an all-too common reality that seems like a too-convenient literary device until you’re the subject of Grieves tightly woven, heartfelt narrative.
Of the song he says, “when it comes down to the matters of the heart, people can be just as addicting as any drug. We tell ourselves ‘never again’, then we wake up in the same bed we promised we’d never return to. It’s complicated and intoxicating.”
The song’s seductive video shows a man pulling up to his “friend’s” house, ready for another encounter. They lay on a bed amidst wine glasses, strewn-about clothes – and a knife.
Running Wild is due out August 25th on Rhymesayers Entertainment. You can pre-order here.