H09909 and 3TEETH announce tour, release "Lights Out"

Post Author: Andre G

You don’t often hear full-on band collaborations in rock, but that’s exactly what LA-based bands HO9909 and 3TEETH offered with “Lights Out,” a dark, gnashing track that fuses elements of hip-hop, punk and metal at full speed. A sharp snare tears through the rabid bass play before a searing guitar looms through the soundscape. The churning, industrial-influenced composition is a signifier of a union of a different kind for the groups, as they’re set to embark on a 24-city tour. The group will be hitting various major US cities and Toronto from March 28th to April 28th.
They also have three intriguing mystery dates in April. Those avid to figure out where the bands will be playing could possibly use some context clues based on the location of their previous and next stops. Along with “Lights Out,” they are also releasing a limited edition 7-inch vinyl which will also have a second song, “Time’s Up.” Pre-orders for the vinyl and tour will be available tomorrow here and here. In the meantime, you can check out the tour stops below: