Heirsound, "Lacuna"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Heirsound, the duo of Alexa San Roman and Dane Petersen, is set to debut their latest video for “Lacuna”.  “Lacuna” is from Vol. 2 [Muscle] of the Layers EP.  “Lacuna” is a hypnotic song with a steady dance beat.
Quote from band (Alexa San Roman):

“Lacuna” takes a step away from the story you’ve been following thus far, adding in a new character.  Have you ever met someone who you felt like you knew in a past life?  The second you started talking it was like you were picking up where you once left off?  It felt like how I would imagine it would feel if you had someone erased from your memory and then met them again.  “Lacuna” provides a glimpse of familiarity, hope & a distraction from a cloudy mindset.

The video for “Lacuna” employs an interesting effect to make each image look as if it has a beat all its’ own.  Heirsound appears in the film with a lone drum kit.  You can really feel the song as it plays.
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